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We know iHerb is among the world’s biggest online stores that provide you with natural products. Their main focus is on providing products that come with amazing rewards to loyal and first-time customers. Among these rewards is their free shipping that can be available to the customers via the iHerb coupons. This article is going to solve your queries regarding the iHerb free shipping. 

What are the Benefits of iHerb Free Shipping?

Who does not like free shipping? When you are buying things in bulk, the grand total is already grand. On top of that, if you have to pay the shipping, you get to have second thoughts about your purchase. The benefit of iHerb free shipping is that you have to pay less, and the products reach your house for free. You can even purchase extra products from the money you will pay for the shipping fees. Thus there are quite some benefits of iHerb free shipping.

What are the Limitations of iHerb Free Shipping?

There are some situations where you cannot avail of the free shipping option. Factors such as the weight of the order, price, delivery address, and the type of products can influence the option. 

  1. Customers who have an APO or PO Box delivery address have no access to the free shipping option.
  2. Customers whose orders have either exceeded the price or weight limitations or both cannot benefit from free shipping. 
  3. The carrier that takes the free shipping orders may have certain restrictions on the type of products, such as no food or liquids. So if you want free shipping, you will have to remove those items.

Why is iHerb One of the Most Popular Online Retailers?

iHerb has been in the industry for over 20 years. It has millions of happy customers all over the world. They are so popular because of the availability of a wide range of natural products, lower prices than other platforms, and fast shipping. It offers you the cheapest products on an international scale. You can order sitting from any corner of the world. They always ship to you before the estimated time, which is why people recommend the platform. Additionally, iHerb takes all the import charges from you when you check out, and then the custom takes only a short time to get cleared. 

Do I Need to be an iHerb Member to Make a Purchase?

Certain platforms provide you with free shipping and other benefits once you purchase their membership. This is not the case with iHerb. You can rest assured and confidently make purchases on the platform as you do not have to worry about any subscription fees or hidden membership fees. They will provide you with the best deals possible without getting into a membership agreement. Just add items to your cart and shop away!

What are the Requirements for Free Shipping?

If you are staying in the United States and want to receive your products without the shipping fees, your cart should have a total of $20+. If you want to qualify for the option of free shipping, then the grand total of your card should be the minimum required order value. The value may defer due to the delivery location. Some of the countries do not have the option of free shipping available because of the shipping limitations existing in that country. Thus if you fulfill the conditions, you get free iHerb shipping.

How Much Does It Cost for Shipping?

There is no specific cost for shipping; it depends on various factors such as :

  • Shipping address
  • Carrier/Shipping method
  • Order value 
  • Carrier order staffing and volume
  • Order weight 

After all, this is determined you get the shipping fees while you check out. But if you are eligible for free shipping, it will show free.

How Long Does It Take for My Order to Arrive?

Your location determines the delivery time, but sometimes it may take longer than usual due to customs hold air freight delay or other situations that can not be controlled by iHerb. Here are the estimated delivery time windows for different locations:

  • North America: 1-3 Days 
  • Korea: 3-5 Days
  • Japan: 5-7 Days
  • China: 7-10 Days
  • Russia: 7-10 Days
  • Middle East: 8-12 Days
  • South America: 21-25 Days

You can also contact iHerb customer service and ask them for approximate cost.

How Do I Get Free Shipping on My iHerb Order?

In order to avail of the benefit of iHerb free shipping, all you have to do is fulfill the required conditions. First of all, you have to add items to your cart and reach the minimum value that will make you eligible for iHerb free shipping. Next, you have to see that you do not fall into the limitations of free shipping, such as the iHerb location, the price, the weight, or the restricted item type. Once you clear all these conditions, you are set for free shipping. 

How Does iHerb Ship Their Products?

iHerb basically ships its orders from the United States warehouse by Air Freight. There are a number of shipping companies that have tied up iHerb so that they can reach your destination without any problem. Every delivery location has its own specific shipping company to avoid confusion while delivering the order to you. It ships via air, which is why you get your orders on or before time. If you live in New Zealand, read our dedicated iHerb New Zealand page.

What Kind of Shipping Do They Offer?

The primary mode of transport for shipping that iHerb uses are via air as it is the fastest and one of the most reliable ways of shipping internationally.

What are the Different Ways to Ship with iHerb?

There are various options available when it comes to shipping. It depends on you what option you want to choose. If the order is very urgent, you can choose the UPS next day or two-day delivery option. Options such as sonic delivery, Optima, Deliver, etc., are also available. These are also categorized according to the weight of your order. See for the shipping option that falls in your order’s weight category.

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