iHerb Location: Where is iHerb’s Headquarters Located?

One of the most popular retailer brands named iHerb, offers some of the best wellness and health products. Many people around the world buy products from this retailer. If you are looking for wellness products like healthcare and nutritional goods, then the iHerb can be the right place. It has some great products that can be pretty beneficial. 

If you are hearing about iHerb for the first time or you have listened to it somewhere and want to know more about it, such as iHerb location and more, then you are at the right place. There are a total of 9 centers or hubs of iHerb located in the world. Each of their hubs is completely climate-controlled for best results.

With over 25 years of great experience, iHerb can provide the best products with the best value. We have answered all the important questions that you have in your mind. Read on to know more.

What is the Address for iHerb?

The address of the iHerb is mainly in California, United States of America. There are different offices of iHerb, and each one of them has a different address. The primary address of iHerb is – 17825 Indian Street in Moreno Valley, California. The zip code is California 92551, United States. Read our dedicated page for the iHerb coupon.

Besides this, iHerb is actually from 8 more hubs or centers present in different locations in the United States and Asia. In the United States, iHerb centers are located in Perris (California), Elgin (Illinois), Hebron (Kentucky), Ellenwood (Georgia), and Easton (Pennsylvania). In Asia, the iHerb centers are located in Hong Kong of China and Incheon of Korea.

What are the Opening Hours of iHerb?

As iHerb is an online retail store, it is available 24 hours a day. You can visit their online store anytime and browse through their products and buy them. There is no particular opening or closing time for the iHerb online retail store. But if you want to reach out to their office to talk to someone, then the timing is 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (local time) on weekdays. The office remains closed during the holidays.

Where is iHerb’s Headquarters Located?

The headquarters of the iHerb office is located in Moreno Valley, which is a city in California in the United States of America. 

Which City is the First iHerb Location Opened in?

The city where the first iHerb location was opened in – California. It started in California, the US, in 1996, and from there, it has grown a lot and has become one of the leading retailers of wellness and healthcare products. 

What are Some of the Other Companies that are Similar to iHerb?

There are many more companies that offer natural wellness and healthcare products like that of iHerb. Some of the other companies that are quite similar to that of iHerb are:

  • Puritan
  • Swanson Vitamins
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
  • Global Healing Center
  • Pharmaca
  • Naturemade
  • Morinda
  • Top Extracts
  • Health Labs Nutra

Some of them are really great but talking about the best and most popular one; then it is iHerb. The iHerb is there in the market for a long time now, and it has proven to be the best over time. People trust this brand.

Is there a Way to See a List of All the iHerb Locations?

Yes, there is a way to see the entire list of locations of iHerb. You can head straight to the official website of iHerb and search for the About Us section. You will get all the details about their location, history and more there. You may not get the full address to each and every iHerb location. But you will know the city or the areas where the hubs and centers of iHerb are located. 


These are some of the most important and frequently asked questions that people ask about iHerb. One of the biggest curiosities that people have is regarding the iHerb location. We have answered all the questions above related to its location, opening hours, and more. You can also check out the alternative wellness and natural healthcare product sites that are mentioned. The online presence and shopping of iHerb make it more convenient and easy for people to browse through the products and buy them from any corner of the world efficiently and comfortably.

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